Topography Survey

TOPOGRAPHIC  SURVEY is  to  gather  survey  data  about  the  natural  and man-made  features  of  the  land,  as  well  as  its elevations.  From  this  information  a  three- dimensional  map  may  be  prepared.  You  may prepare  the  topographic  map  in  the  office  after collecting the field data or prepare it right away in  the  field  by  plane  table.  The  work  usually consists  of  the  following: 1.  Establishing  horizontal  and  vertical  control that  will  serve  as  the  framework  of  the  survey 2.   Determining   enough   horizontal   location and  elevation  (usually  called  side  shots)  of  ground points to provide   enough data for plotting when the map is prepared 3.  Locating  natural  and  man-made  features that may be required by the purpose of the survey 4.   Computing   distances,   angles,   and elevations 5.  Drawing  the  topographic  map Topographic surveys are commonly identified with  horizontal  and/or  vertical  control  of  third- and  lower-order  accuracies.